With New Year come new resolutions and practices. The SEO practices of 2020 have become part of the past now.

And the 2021 SEO is going to bring, on the table,

some innovative strategies and maneuvers that will unquestionably help various companies to lead SEO rankings and receive an extra bag of revenues. 


SEO is included among the most recent marketing practices; one which is growing at an unprecedented pace.


Although, the basic principle stays identical that is SEO is all about shaping websites in a way so that they become easy to locate as well as understand,

but the subsequent strategies involved in SEO keeps changing, as swift as a coursing river.

Have a look at the top SEO trends for 2021 everyone should know. 


1: Enhanced Snippets results in extra Clicks


a SEO Trends for 2021: How To get on Top of Google Search


Google has incredibly transformed itself into a huge search engine.

The only good reason behind the company’s lead is its introduction of the best user-friendly search understandings.


Take, for example, the latest innovation of Featured Snippets.


They become visible directly overhead the first search of the organic results. 

To make the most of Google’s feature Snippets and propel several clicks,

all you need to do is to come up with plain responses to frequently inquired queries with regards to your site.

s SEO Trends for 2021: How To get on Top of Google Search

They are assessed as well as advanced all the way to top subject to their standard since Google has its method of regulating.

Try not to take this drift casually, since the ratio of clicks originated is somewhere around 54.6%. 


For SEO in 2021, this trend is a definite way to attract longer traffic even without ranking at the top position. 


2: Mobile is the future of SEO 


c SEO Trends for 2021: How To get on Top of Google Search


Shocked? Perplexed? You must be wondering what on earth mobile has to do with SEO? Right!

Keep one thing simple and straightforward.

Any site today that doesn’t offer mobile ranges is surely going to be unable to find the majority of customers in upcoming months, probably years since it is a mobile network age.


The trend is on the rise and it seems it will become more extended as well as crucial for SEO in 2020. 


Further, to have a mobile site is not adequate, more than that, you need an interface that should be readable,

attract the recognition of masses, and possibly could have the capability to respond to their queries.

Various researches manifest that four out of five customers lead their local searches through their cell phones.

For instance, according to one study, 52% of the world’s population searches via their mobile phones in comparison to computers.

Hence, the trend has become essential for SEOs in 2020 to cater to cell phone users urgently.  


3: Videos attract viewers like no other 


Day after day, videos have taken up a predominant role in attracting the larger part of the audience.

Even Google manifests among 10 people 6 would prefer to see videos on YouTube rather than on TV. 


f-1 SEO Trends for 2021: How To get on Top of Google Search


Since it is the age of youths, so a lot of young people like receiving information via online YouTube videos.

This is the reason businesses need to put video content on their radars. Indeed, a perfect standard video can appeal to different countless users. 


But the question arises: how exactly all of this influence SEO?


To influence a larger section of the public through videos, improve the search for customers.

To achieve this, you should always utilize fitting keywords in the videos’ headline as well as description sections.

This way, the video promises to reach its sizeable audience. 


4: Content is no-doubt the key influencer 


Content is a key SEO influencer. Its influence ranges from internal linking tactics to the website’s structure and others.

To achieve success in SEO, one needs to write the most useful and pertinent content, the quality of which is simply unmatchable.

This implies that businesses and SEOs need to recruit people that know writing inside out. 

fopoSdxHJL SEO Trends for 2021: How To get on Top of Google Search


The SEO in 2020 will shower its unparalleled blessings on those websites that produce refined and instructive content.

It is noted that customers tend to disregard articles and blogs that are way salesy.


In the report of Economist Group titled, “Missing the Mark”, it has been highlighted that out of 100%, almost 71% of customers states they left the content because it seems more similar to sales.  


Bear one more thing in mind: With quality content, the quantity also matters.

Lately, there have been discussions about the size of the content.


Although everyone has the desired number count, as per several studies the best content is near about 2000-word counts.

The reason is pages accompanied by extensive quality and polished content reap the benefits of increased visibility. One caution: your inclusive content should respond to the users’ queries. 


5: Better to optimize through BERT 


Ever since the new algorithm i.e. BERT is launched by Google, it is craving a lot of attention.

Since BERT has become a new norm in the digital marketing game, so every other person seems to be yearning to digest the optimization process for BERT.

 1DiURSav3l SEO Trends for 2021: How To get on Top of Google Search


The key here is keeping the focus on user-centered optimization and scientific delivery of quality content.

In a nutshell, evaluate customer’s access points in line to the search and positioning of the content.

Keep a close look at the procedure of crawling, indexing, and sundry other settings related to the search.


As customers today have multiple options to do their search, so it is crucially important for SEOs to understand the need for strong structuring and advanced content.


With BERT in place, the search has become more about suiting with the intention.

There is a vast difference between SEO of two years back and today.


Since SEO is moving promptly,

it is incumbent for businesses and digital marketers alike who want to expand to toe the changing lines of SEO trends.

The new SEO trends of 2020 if incorporated will certainly elevate your business to greater lengths.