Today, you will learn about “The world of Social Influencer Marketing” and How Influencers are making their living.


The Social Influencers‘ role is basically to target potential customers,

since their content and reviews are considered advertising recommendations.


There were days when a good vendor was way too difficult to look for, capable of producing good quality advertisement.


While in today’s world, the role of Social Influencer Marketing has become much simpler and cheaper. 


So let’s dive into,





Social Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing-generated through Social Media entailing product placement and endorsements.


From influencing individuals, companies, and organizations who have developed a significant standard and are knowledgeable and excellent in their respective strengths.


The endorsements of celebrities are considered to be the original form of Influencer Marketing.


But before going forward, you should also know,




Social Influencer’s have Immense amount of trust from their gained following,

which is the basic pillar behind their influence about endorsements.


who-r-influencers Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


The recommendation and their testimonials act more like Social Proof for the brand’s loyal customers.


The convincing power to influence others is the trick to catch more audience,

and social influencers are an expert in it.


The right influencer can reach out to the target audience,

the content they produce is original and engaging.


So, from this you might be thinking, “Okay now from where should I start?”




insta-300x225 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


You can Start from Instagram as it has become a staple app in each smart phone all over the world.


Its affiliation with everyone’s favorite and with the most number of Facebook profiles boosted the position of Instagram and gave profiles with millions of followers.


Instagram is a platform that has produced overnight celebrities.


And now, the same individuals are termed as Social Media Influencers.


fb-300x225 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


Credibility in their specific industry, these people have access to millions of users at a time.


And have the influencing power to persuade their followers for their recommendations.


Not necessarily a celebrity, but a mere blogger can persuade their followers and admirers to reach out for their recommendations.


Sports, fashion, television, music, and movie industries worldwide have produced major iconic personalities who have a huge fan following their social handles and profiles on Facebook and Instagram.



They connect with their fans this way and utilize this platform for influencing marketing for the brands and campaigns they endorse.


For someone who wants to look upon some Successful Marketers, the following are the few famous Instagram handles:


List of Top Influencers



  • Dwayne Johnsonrock-300x200 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


Popularly known as “the rock” on Instagram and in his successful career of wrestling. Now is an American-Canadian businessman, actor, and producer with a healthy and growing following of 216 million followers.




  • Kylie Jenner

Kylie-Jenner Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success

A supermodel and a member of the Kardashian family with 214 million loyal followers.


  • Huda KatanHuda-Katan-1-276x300 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success



Iraqi-American makeup artist, an entrepreneur, and a beauty blogger. Founder of her cosmetic range, Huda beauty.

This 37-year-old beauty has a following of 47.9 million followers who love makeup and dressing up like her.




  • Cooking with Mima

Cooking-with-Mima Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success

A self-taught chef who loves cooking and is now guiding good 2.1 million followers.


  • Miranda SingsMiranda-Sings Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success



An American actress, specifically a comedian, a YouTube, and a singer. Best known for her character on YouTube has gained a following of 6.2 million. 





  • Michelle Lewin

Michelle-Lewin-300x300 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


With 13.7 million followers, Michelle is a Venezuelan model and is now a huge name in the fitness industry.



  • David Beckham

David-Beckham Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


A 45 years old former English football player is not only famous for his extremely commendable sports skills but is a successful entrepreneur and has a running following of 65.3 million followers.



So how can you find a perfect match for your business?


Basic Outreaching Strategy For

Influencer Marketing


Measured and calculated planning and targeting is an initial tactic to begin a certain influencer program.


The first step of this strategy would be researching.


In the beginning, a particular platform must be chosen to focus on, while the platforms can be created later once the correct amount of audience is gathered.


The trick to choosing the right platform is social listening; identifying where it’s talked about most can help search for the industry’s most authoritative voices.

Fashion and beauty brands run more successfully on YouTube and Instagram.


strategy Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


Since the content on Instagram is easily browsed because of the short videos and images,

it automatically generates easy sharing, helping reach their targeted audience to improve the brand.


The advantage of using Instagram as an initial platform, in the beginning, is that its audience is not limited; followers connect with other followers and share their content.


Engaging in different sponsored posts leads them to get paid for the content they share on Instagram.


Photos are mainly sponsored posts 76% of the sponsored posted content is through the format of photos.


The remaining sponsored posts are divided between carousel posts and video posts.


An influencer has the complete freedom to work through all the variations,

stories, and posts format to be used for Marketing purposes.


Collaborating with an influencer gives one’s business an uplifted exposure.


If the influencer’s content matches the targeted audience, it’s some genuine representation of a good marketing tool. 


The Reason Behind Using The Strategy Of Influencing Marketing is;


  1. Increase in sales
  2. The awareness regarding brand or campaign


The ultimate target is to utilize influencers to promote the brand.


Since the influencers can connect with specific audiences, they can easily get engaged with the specific content.


sales-300x200 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


For instance, the target is to increase the sales in the younger audience.


Or the target is to connect with new users with a new product,

or it’s just the re-launching of the brand. 


Outreaching Influencers : How to Engage with the Right Influencer


First of all, Set a plan to search the types of influencers you want to work with.


Engaging with the right kind of influencers for a specific target is very important, don’t forget that they need to understand your goal and the clarity of the brand.


Hence, finding the right influencers is very important, else the promotion might not go according to the plan due to their disinterest.


Second, is it important that the influencer need’s to have the same interest? Probably yes.


For example, the promotion is for a food-related brand, then the influencer who posts about their dining and food interest is a good choice to collaborate with.


Then, Look for an authentic profile. A poor ratio of followers and scam comments might disturb your brand’s position in the marketing world.


After that, Find Influencers who have had previous experiences of similar brand endorsements might boost your brand’s following and audience.


Having a good portfolio plays a great shout-out for the brand.


and last but not least,

Reaching out for micro-influencers is merely a message away.

They can be contacted through a private message.


Simultaneously, the influencers who are well established and portray a certain reputation on social media have

the correct information in their bio for business inquiries and paid collaborations.


Some influencers provide a link to their website that designate brand partnerships.




businessmen-with-social-media-marketing-ideas-276x300 Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


The answer is yes! And why not.

Although it’s easy to mock acquaintances on Instagram and Facebook, lifting this endeavor at the end of the day,

they are doing business and making a handsome amount of income by merely enjoying the free stuff.


Well, the next question that pops up in your is “how much?” 

Social influencers have built their kingdom on social media.


Their expertise in just snapping a Single Eye-Catching, filtered picture gains thousands of likes and attention through sharing their posts result in loads of money and products to enjoy.

The cherry on top; the fame keeps on increasing.


Let’s See How Much You Can Earn Through

Several Likes and How Realistic It Is.



Putting it through the number of followers; Micro-influencers carry around 6000 to 10,000 followers by simply posting general ‘cool’ content.


According to a survey, accounts with such following can earn up to $88.00 at each post they make, regardless of their posting content.




At this stage, the influencers are only offered free stuff in exchange for product endorsement.


Designer clothing, monthly packages for health and wellness, or maybe free food.


Most of the influencers refrain from charging at such an initial stage.


While some believe that influencers are $10.00 for every growing 1000 followers after reaching the benchmark of 100,000 targets.

Those who charge money before reaching such a threshold are likely to be paid very little.


After reaching 50,000 to 80,000 followers, influencers are paid around $200.00 on each post;

depending on the advertiser, the range might fluctuate.


Many influencers choose to offer promotional codes, and every time a new account uses their code,

the percentage of the sale increases.


While some influencers offer giveaway deals for their followers and this option boosts up the number of followers.


The struggling influencers maintain their accounts by tireless efforts to turn them into a full-time career because of the impressive followings.




Having one million followers is quite an achievement.


Such accounts have already hit the jackpot and have gained a healthy following, which keeps increasing.

Such influencers do not even need a post on their feed to earn cash.


Their strong following is enough to speak for itself.


These are the verified accounts with blue ticks on the corner of the handle and the capability over the “swipe up” feature on the stories of Instagram.

For such influencers, brands and companies pay no less than $670.00 per post.


Well, that’s huge!

The moment any account reaches the benchmark of one million followers,

an influencer holds the charge of making as much money as they desire to.


The Sky is The Limit, Then. 


Top Businesses That Are Using Social Influencers




HUGGIES Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success

Talking about brands and their strategies here, a baby product like Huggies targeted the correct audience.

It created a short video of two young girls, apparently sisters, reuniting over a baby’s birth.


Through outreach and adequate social promotion, the video went viral and certainly became every mom’s favorite.

Connecting with the voice of your buyer through the influencer is the key.




NIKE Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success

‘Play for the world’ is the recent campaign launched by the famous brand Nike is one example of reviving fan following on social platforms.

The campaign focused on the importance of social distancing in the time of the worldwide pandemic.


Famous influencers and public appearances reinforced the whole idea of togetherness.

The brand understands the trick to catch attention and boost its fan following.



GLOSSIER Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


Emily Wesis, the company’s CEO and founder, claimed glossier as the only socially driven beauty brand.

And it proved to be true because later, a lot of beauty brands followed the similar footsteps.


Glossier began with Instagram, creating awareness across masses through one on one conversations.

The level of interaction with their customers is remarkable.


Not only that, Beyoncé, a famous American singer with a following of 161 million followers on Instagram itself, posted an image of herself wearing an unnamed product of glossier created enough hype back in 2018. 




FENTY-BEAUTY Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


This brand gained specifically 1.4 million followers in just four days after its launch in the year 2017.

The brand gained loyalty along with the popularity with 9.9 million followers on platforms like Instagram.


The credit solely goes out to the creator, Rihanna Fenty, Barbadian singer, and businesswoman,

of the brand and many other influencers who collaborated with it.


The most excited and boosting content they produced is its makeup tutorials on the feed,

whereas Rihanna herself uplifted the whole game.


Her makeup tutorial video crossed over 2 million views. Its representation of diversity,

body positivity, and inclusion became the new mantra.




STARBUCKS Social Influencer Guide: Top lists - Strategy - Company Success


The thirst-quenching brand launched ‘unicorn Frappuccino,‘ an iconic drink that made itself extremely Instagram-able.

The understanding of social media and its effect on youngsters is the key to success.


The brand continued creating hype around some off-recipes and seasonal drinks.

Resulting in their hashtags being used on more than 557,232 posts at the moment. #pumpkinspicelatte is one of them.




To conclude, influencer marketing is the supplier of efficiency and determined and focused approach to the brands to uplift the brands that need revival and initial boosts.


And reaching their targeted audience through social media platforms.



“Efficient influencers can generate sales, increase brand loyalty and create healthy opinions along with awareness”.