Video Marketing Trends For 2021

Do you think it is a good idea to jump now and then to a new Video marketing trend whenever you hear about it? 

While some people may jump onto trends too quickly, you need to think smartly before you get your hands dirty. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the latest trends in a quest to optimize your video marketing strategy. 

Content is king, no doubt, which is why you need to compete with the market to get your share of visitors. When it comes to engaging content, you need to think about new and exciting ways of making it interesting. 

In recent years, video marketing has climbed to the top in the list of most popular digital marketing trends, which is why you need to re-think your entire marketing strategy if video content is not a part of it. 

Let us dive deeper!

Why Video Marketing Matters?

As we have established, you need video marketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy to make it relevant and competitive, but is it effective?

Video content is effective since it is easily absorbed by the audience rather than written content.
Here are a few facts:

  • 58% of consumers trust brands that post videos as opposed to brands that do not use them.
  • Videos are shared over 1200% more when compared to text and images, combined.
  • 55% of people view videos online, every day!
  • 95% of the information from a video is retained as compared to 10% from the written content.

Thus, video marketing matters! This is why you need to buckle up and start preparing for 2020 with the latest video marketing trends.

Video Marketing Trends For 2020

Live Videos are in!

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Video marketing 2021

It all started with Facebook Live but was not as popular as anticipated. Many of Facebook video initiatives did not live up to the expectations of video enthusiasts. With Facebook, it is all about chasing likes and views to get great results; however, not offering video creators what they needed leads to its downfall. Nevertheless, video is not a trend that is going to disappear any soon.

The concept of live media still sounds exciting. If you are on Instagram or Snapchat, you would have noticed that users go live on these platforms multiple times a day where they entertain their followers in real-time.

Buy while watching

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Video marketing 2021

Shop while you watch is another trend that has taken off with a bang! These ‘Shoppable videos’ feature products and links to their websites make it easy to convert audiences to consumers. Snapchat and Instagram stories often use this technique because the followers trust the user and his / her opinions, which make this feature work.

For example, if there is a dress featured on the screen, you will be able to know more about it by hovering over the image or swiping up. The options are limitless, and the entire concept is nothing short of amazing.

Targeting Segmented Audiences

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Video marketing 2021

With video marketing on the rise, targeting segmented audiences is a new strategy by which messages are incorporated in videos to make them ultra-targeted and effective in increasing engagement. Using Facebook custom audiences, you can monitor responses and target new audiences with more effective messages. With AI on the brink of getting streamlined, video content will also see a rise in targeted using long-tail keywords. This will, in turn, lead to qualified leads that mean guaranteed conversions.

Video Marketing Using Google Ads

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Video marketing 2021

In 2021, it is anticipated that video marketers will turn to Google Ads. Google Ads appear everywhere from websites to YouTube and other networking websites.

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines after Google. Incorporating videos into your strategy will mean that you are opening up to a whole new world. Marketers estimate that Generation Z will make up 40% of the consumers in 2020, and if this is the case, you need to polish your videography skills.

Do you know when you are caught up in a loop on YouTube you not only go through a lot of content but also get something useful out of it? This is why you need to incorporate Google Ads and YouTube in your video marketing strategy.

Emphasize on Graphic Identities

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Brand image is important, which is why you will need to think about videos upholding your graphic identity. Adopting a specific video style through templates will help you establish an identity that will be powerful on any platform whether it is YouTube, social media or other websites. Social media trends are easy to implement as long as you understand and can harness the power of videos for your brand, as a part of your overall marketing strategy.


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While we have established that videos are important, vlogging is a trend that is different from a stand-alone video. Companies often use vlogging to keep the audiences and their loyal customers hooked to their products and services. Vlogging is often referred to as the way to humanize a brand, from its inception to its boom, all the way to the end of the cycle.

For example, you can create a series of vlogs showing your new product launch, preparing for a special event and other exciting news that will make your audiences stay on their feet.

Things to Keep In Mind

Now that you have realized that you need to keep up with the 2021 video marketing trends, here are a few things that you need to take care of:

  • Focus on just one topic. Any confusion will not provide a clear message to your audience.
  • Keep the videos short. Humans have shorter attention spans, therefore the shorter and clearer your video, the more the conversions are.
  • Add a call to action before your video ends which has to be impactful and result-oriented!

Get ready for 2021 video marketing trends and start cashing in!