Are You Well Aware Of The Latest Web Development Trends?



The ever-continuing process of change in the advancement of technology has transformed man’s life from top to bottom. And how can one forget that Web Development technologies have shaped brand new concepts and ideas?


The advanced technology of today not only made most of the things automated, but also assisted and aided humans’ almost all activities and procedures.

The advancement drive of technology has pushed companies to embrace the change; a lot of businesses are welcoming, as well as setting their foot into this new phase of programming.


Therefore, it is essential for developers to never miss out even from a minute update because this way the developers will ensure to remain on top of their game.

This begs the question what are those crucial points to look for in web development trends for 2020?

Not to worry!

Here is a list of top web development trends for 2020 to look for.


No Human, only Chatbot

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A chatbot is an effective technological tool that businesses have incorporated and utilized in their dealings. A chatbot is included now in almost every business as an website chatbot or application.


Being an artificial intelligence tool, a chatbot can effectively respond to a conversation with several customers swiftly via sites, mobile applications, telephone or messaging apps.


Chatbot has assumed by far the most up-to-date constructive and effective communication skills in dealing with various business activities among people or any other tools.


Nonetheless, a chatbot is simply a representation of the advancement of the question-answer system supporting natural language processing (NLP).


Single-Page Applications (SPA)

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Although Single-Page Applications (SPA) are not new, it is an application that is here to stay for a long period.

Normally, SPA is a sort of technology employed to shape sites that can interact with countless customers in such a compelling manner that it can edit the whole page on itself without resorting to the opening of completely new pages.

SPA can be a web application backed with JavaScript, which is quite productive and prevalent in all customer tools.


The task SPA performs varies from enhancing and magnifying performance drastically lowers any present interventions with regards to page appearance and considerably decreases the time of web development.

Anyone who wants to create and structure reactive sites and also shapes a support base for mobile applications can resort to this amazing never waning technology. 


Artificial Intelligence 

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How many of you, who are present out there, are aware of AI?

Let me guess if you guys are not aware of everything or say most of the things about AI, one thing is certain and that is all of you know that AI is the premise or starting point of today’s phenomenally advanced developments.


One can define AI as a simulation or reproduction of the human brain’s reasoning processes with the help of machines – or mega computer networks.  


Robotics and computerized technology propelled remarkable compound visuals, which were in the past era can be viewed only in the hands of Hollywood,

today with the help of AI are now prevalent in almost every living person’s drawing rooms.

What we used to call in the previous era as mere imaginations can now take the shape of realities.

How? Kudos to AI!

Hence down, AI is one of the most considerable accomplishments of the modern worlds’ web technology. 



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Who can think of executing web development without talking about its language? No one!

For web development, a programming language is quite compulsory.

Among several present indicators in the world,  JavaScript is hands down the best among the bests.


Touted to be the finest programming language in the world, JavaScript is a popular phenomenon.

This language is ever-evolving, even with its ES6 and other structures like React, Vue, and Angular.



Simply put, JavaScript can boost any of the developer’s potential multifold.



So, bear one thing in mind: if you are aiming to work in any business corporation as a web developer, then start your effort to grasp and grip this language i.e. JavaScript. 


Voice Search Optimization (VSO)

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It has become a norm now that people prefer anything over writing or texting. This is the case here as well!

It can be viewed from the PWC survey which claims that from 100 persons involved 71 would love to convey the messaging through voice aides instead of writing all the questions by them.


More than that, there is another significant factor that plays in and that is,

the variations or differences between the verbal and written questions which can affect the SERP’s outcomes.

In other words, this could imply that by using voice search one can pull search results to a greater extent than otherwise.



In a business rivalry, Voice search optimization can play an effective and constructive role in swaying more searches and traffic.

Keep one thing clear; make VSO compatible with your SEO tactics, only in this way you could pull your desired result and influence over the market.



Technology is evolving at unmatchable speed. Given the rapid pace of advancement, nothing could be forecasted.

The development of modern digital technology is continuing on its trajectory to redesign the existing world,

more than that, it has now started influencing and molding human’s decision-making as well.


In the past, numerous sites included just simple texts and writings to cater their customers,

but today they have chatbots who can imitate and talk in the same manner as a human.

All of this is owed entirely by the evolutionary trends that occur in web development.


Companies who are planning to update their web-products;

it is productive as well as imperative upon them to go through some of the modern upcoming web development trends of 2020.

Brace yourself! This Digital epoch has a lot to offer.