Back in the 1970s, one might not have believed even about the internet and online buying, let alone digital marketing. In that period, data-driven marketing, SEO & voice search engine optimization (VSEO) and artificial intelligence, all were ambitious concepts, but today they are a reality. More than that, today these digital marketing trends have become the topmost priorities of many business owners.

Since technology advances at a quicker pace and more mind-blowing trends are waiting ahead, therefore, you need to learn to adapt, at an even quicker pace. There is also a pushback, however, against digitization; efforts are underway to make marketing more humane. Nevertheless, the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape brings along many opportunities for you that need to be availed before your competitors take their lion’s share.

Before we move on to the 2021 digital marketing trends, you need to bear in mind that consumer behavior and interests are hard to predict. Thus, informed assumptions need to be combined with a digital marketing strategy to make worth your investment.


Top 2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Social Commerce

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It was always a dream of several businesses to get social media user’s attention beyond the posts, and right into their online stores. Fortunately, it is possible now! Social media is a comprehensive breakthrough in the digital marketing world as it has unlocked countless doors for individuals and businesses alike to use its platform in far more exciting ways than just sharing.

Although Shoppable posts are of a bygone age, they are not out of fashion still. Ever since Instagram launched Instagram Checkout in 2019, Shoppable posts are getting much attention. Websites like Shopify make it easier to link accounts so that you can attract all the customers from all social media platforms you have your presence.



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Yes! You read it right! No, we are not talking about children spreading the word; rather, it is about sending free samples to people with huge social media and online following to promote your product or service. Since these influencers are nowadays calling the shots. This way, businesses are targeting new markets as well as competing with the big guns.

Micro-influencers refer to the medium-sized influencers who are popular in narrower niches. Through them, it is easier to market specific products and services. Micro-influencers are open to dedicating more of their time to each follower because of their limited following; hence, it allows them to sell the products and services more efficiently.


Direct Messaging

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Direct messaging is the second most surprising trend after micro-influencers. Marketers are becoming active by taking the conversations to DMs. One of the hottest digital marketing trends of 2021 includes direct messaging to streamline the customer service experience and assist in sales. Messaging apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp amongst others have made it easier to build stronger connections with customers.

There is more! DMing has also been effective to address customer complaints and other sales queries, which have developed trust. Direct messaging works best as a marketing strategy when you provide a handle or username to your customers and incentivize them with a coupon code or exclusive deal.


Sentiment Analysis

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We are always curious about what the other people might be thinking, so we can better cater to their needs; however, no biological advancements until this day have aided in this. But, with machine learning technology, we have indeed come closer to understanding individuals’ moods, emotions, and patterns of purchase.

Also referred to as social listening, sentiment analysis is a practice of analyzing reactions of customers on social media and other online platforms. Since customer reactions through feedback are not always straight forward, sentiment analysis involves different tools and algorithms to make sure the essence of the feedback is captured and their reactions are understood the way they are meant to be. Also, it includes an understanding of emojis and even slang words.


Polished Emails

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The ROI of an email marketing campaign was 3,200% as of February 2019. Compared to DMs and social media sharing, email marketing campaign sounds conservative, but they are still a popular channel to advertise your brand especially now that marketers are polishing the format to make it more appealing and interactive.

Emails now include clickable buttons to promote action. And the UX-centric designs and stunning visuals have made emails a more effective technique for advertising.


Video Marketing

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Video marketing is also a strong contender when it comes to 2020s top digital marketing trends. According to one study, 70% of consumers responded that they have shared a product’s video. Video marketing drives higher engagement since it shows lengthy and dull written content interactively.

Moreover, with mobile devices dominating consumer behavior, videos are 50 times more likely to drive organic searches for products and services.


Lifecycle Marketing

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Since the consumers have changed patterns and are now said to follow non-linear journeys, marketers often say that the funnel is dead.

Since the primary focus is to grow awareness, followed by increased prospects and customer leads, lifecycle marketing is about using and reviewing offline as well as online media across its customer focus journey.


Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement has now become the cornerstone of great customer experience. It has improved over the years through various channels such as social media, search engines, websites, emails, and calls. Surprisingly, even today it remains in demand.

Therefore, all companies should focus on employee engagement. It remains the main impulse behind all the above strategies as well.

2021 is here, are you READY?

2021 is already here, so you need to buckle up and climb the digital marketing bandwagon. To make sure you do not stay behind the competition. There are plenty of opportunities available when it comes to digital marketing. Act smartly to make hay while the sun shines.